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The Somali Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association (SPOLA)

About us

The Somali Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association is a non-profit association that is the peak professional association for Somali beach Inspector and Ocean lifeguards

Vision Statement

To safe guard and maintain a sustainable healthy and wellbeing lifestyle in the water and outdoors

Mission Statement

To educate, train and facilitate a professional life guard community and the community at large on how safely they can enjoy their recreation in and around water with safe and precaution measures

What We Do

Local Authority Integration

Recognizes Local Government Councils, (in cooperation with their respective State and/or Territory and Federal Government agencies) as the controlling authorities in aquatic safety and beach management

Professional Training

Advocates high standards of professional ocean lifeguard performance through access to professional level training

Ocean Water Safety

Promotes and supports best practice in ocean water safety and beach management in consultation with Councils and career professional beach inspector ocean lifeguards

Community Enlightenment

Supports community education and provides key advice and programs in beach management, ocean water safety, risk assessment, lifeguard training, public education, regulation, public relations, tourism support and teaming with medical, rescue and other specialist agencies


Some of the services we offer


The majority of individual members are full-time career professionals from Council Lifeguard Services in the major coastal centers of Somalia.
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